The Missions Program at Mountain View Christian Assembly is of utmost importance to the Body locally, and the Body communally. We believe that the very message of Christ is worldwide, and the Heart of Christ is for every individual. Through emphasizing Worldwide Missions, our Lord increases our heart for service to every person in the world, including those in our own backyard. We strive for a worldwide perspective in order to better know how our Precious Lord sees us and sees our role for mankind. We live to make His glory known in every corner of the earth!
The purpose of Royal Family Kids' Camp is to provide a week of positive memories for abused and neglected children. These children are referred to us through D.S.H.S. (Department of Social and Health Services) of Salt Lake and Tooele. As a loving counselor or support staff member, we take the opportunity to help create positive memories, play games, sing fun songs, go swimming, boating, or fishing, as well as create lots of arts and crafts. In being a blessing to the precious heart of a child, we often find it is us who are greatly blessed and changed. We believe that the compassion and love of our Savior is poured out for the beautiful children we are honored to serve.

We believe that lives are truly changed through Royal Family Kids Camp!

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